Pancake Tortoise Lifespan

Pancake Tortoise Lifespan

The Pancake tortoise lives a long life. It is important to consider this when purchasing a pancake tortoise for sale. If properly cared for, they live up to 25 years in captivity.

Pancake Tortoise Care

Caring for a Pancake tortoise is moderate a task, so long as you invest the time to learn. African Pancake Tortoises are some of the coolest tortoises for sale in the world!  Did you know that pancake tortoises are naturally found in Tanzania and Kenya?  Pancakes are not only cool, they’re stunning. Wondering where the name pancake tortoise came from? Interestingly, a Pancake tortoise is the “flattest” of all tortoises.  Pancakes stay small and are reasonably easy to care for once their habitat is set up.  Captive bred baby pancake tortoise for sale are some of the coolest species of pet tortoise for sale in the world.Using a tortoise table, or tortoise house kit will work, just pay close attention to temperature and humidity.  A baby tortoise, in general, will need higher humidity as the main variable for success.

Our biologist has compiled a fantastic pancake tortoise care guide.  Please be sure to view all aspects of african pancake tortoise care at the pages below:

African Pancake Tortoise Habitat

A word of warning – pancake tortoises are phenomenal climbers! They are adapted to spend their days scrambling around huge piles of sun-warmed rock, so any open-topped enclosure must have either a large overhanging lip or a mesh cover. Their flexible shell and long limbs allow them to flip themselves over much faster than more normal shaped species, another adaptation to help them cope with the inevitable falls that come with their acrobatic lifestyle.

Pancake tortoises and humidity

Humidity is important with all baby tortoise species, including the Pancake tortoise. Baby Pancakes need humidity in the area of 75%.  Habitats tend to be on the dryer side when indoors. This means pancake tortoises kept indoors need extra humidity provided. Closed enclosures make it easier to maintain proper humidity.

Pancake tortoise temperature

Baby Pancake tortoises should be kept with an ambient temperature of 95 degrees.  A cool end of 77F is fine and a hot spot around 100F is nice too, however, the ambient temp remains the most important.  Here at Turtle store, our main concern is the ambient temp and not getting too cold.  We focus more on this than the temperature gradient that is so widely talked about. Evening temps are allowed to drop into the high 60s.

Pancake tortoise Diet

Here at the Turtle store, we offer our pancake tortoise for sale a wide variety of fresh and dry grasses, and some fruit in the wild. Here at our farm, they enjoy a variety of grasses, hay, greens (such as collard greens, turnip and mustard), along with dandelion greens, endive, squash, carrots, hibiscus leaves, and many other vegetables and leafy greens.  Also, we feed Mazuri tortoise chow, softened and soaked, which can be used to supplement fresh food and be sure that they have enough vitamin D. Supplement all fresh food items with calcium and multivitamins for your baby pancake tortoise as well as adult pancake tortoise for sale.

Pancake tortoise for sale – pancake tortoise water

Giving your baby pancake tortoises access to water is preferred, and soaking daily is required.  Soak your baby tortoise in a shallow soaking dish with opaque sides so the tortoise cannot see out.  Soak for 10 minutes in 85-88 degree warm water once daily.  Typically soaking your tortoise and then placing them directly atop their pile of greens and Mazuri is best each morning.

African Pancake UVB lighting

UVB light exposure is extremely important for all tortoises, including baby Pancake tortoises.  We recommend a Reptisun UVB 10.0 lamp, T5 (tube style).  Using the 10% lamp is good, however for distances 15-24″ above the tortoise, a 12% lamp is recommended.  Arcadia UVB lamps are the best in our opinion, though a tad more pricey, they also last twice as long. The mercury vapor metal halide bulb also works well with pancake tortoises.

African Pancake Tortoise Appearance

The African Pancake tortoise is a small to medium sized tortoise. Both rare and beautiful, the African pancake tortoise for sale has vivid yellow, and orange colors speckled over a tan and brown shell and carapace.  African Pancake Tortoise is a small, flat tortoise with a flexible shell. Pancake tortoises shells have openings between these bony plates, making it much lighter and not as rigid as in other tortoises, by design.  Pancake tortoises have a flexible bridge (that is used for connecting the plastron and carapace together).   Because of this, it allows the pancake to be flattened slightly.  Because of this feature, it helps enables the pancake tortoise to seek shelter in very small areas.  Normally you will find a pancake hiding in rock crevices. Individuals are brown, with radiating yellow markings on the shell.

African Pancake Tortoises substrate

For substrate, we recommend a nice mixture of 50:50 potting soil and potting mix (organic).  Be sure there are no additives or fertilizers included as that could kill your tort.  Baby Pancake tortoises do burrow so providing 4″ of substrate is recommended and spraying it down with a pressure sprayer daily is great.   This can also create a super humid microclimate for your tortoise should they choose to burrow.  It is in these microclimates in which baby tortoise exists in the wild.

African Pancake Tortoise Size

Pancakes are a relatively small breed of tortoise. The upper shell (carapace) of a pancake tortoise reaches a maximum length of 17.8 cm (7 inches).  Males are often smaller than their female counterpart.

Pancake Tortoise Origin

Pancake Tortoises originate from Kenya. Some can also be found in Tanzania. When living in the wild, they live in arid environments including but not limited to stone outcroppings.

Pancake Tortoise Breeder

Turtle store offers pancake tortoise hatchlings for sale, as well as well started pancake tortoises.  Looking for a larger pancake tortoise for sale? We also offer yearlings and juvenile tortoises for sale online.  Our breed stock of adult African pancake tortoises for sale is composed of some of the nicest african pancake tortoises in the world.  Our biologist has put together one of the nicest tortoise breeding groups in the world.  Because of this, we are able to offer some of the nicest baby pancake tortoises for sale online anywhere.  Captive bred baby tortoises for sale should be the only that you choose when shopping for the right tortoise breeders.

Pancake Tortoises for sale

We have some beautiful pancake tortoises in stock.  These african pancake tortoises have a uniquely flat shell.  We only select top quality captive pancake tortoises focusing on healthy active tortoises with vivid color and markings.

Pancake tortoises are fantastic animals with great outgoing personalities and beautiful colors and markings.  They will eventually eat out of the owner’s hand and learn fast to come when they see you.  Our baby Pancake tortoises for sale are top notch and ready to ship to you via UPS or FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled insulated shipping containers and come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  One shipping charge covers up to 4 pancake tortoises for sale.  If you are looking for more information on greek tortoise care, visit our greek tortoise care sheet.

More than just baby Pancake Tortoises for sale

The turtle store is your source for the largest selection of captive bred baby tortoise for sale and adult tortoise for sale.  All of our captive bred baby tortoises come with our full live arrival and health guarantee.  Here at the turtle store, we work with over 25 species of turtles for sale including baby turtles for sale and captive bred tortoises.  The turtle store guarantees you the largest selection of healthy, captive bred turtles and tortoise for sale anywhere in the USA.

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