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The turtle store is your source for the highest quality Captive bred tortoise for sale shipped overnight via UPS for an early morning arrival.  Order today and receive your new shelled friend overnight the following morning, or choose the perfect date of arrival.  Most importantly, here at the turtle store, we specialize in 100% captive-bred turtles and tortoises for sale online.

baby tortoises for sale

Whether you’re looking for a captive bred baby tortoise or well-started baby tortoise for sale, The Turtle store is your place for over 25 species of baby tortoise for sale shipped overnight.  Additionally, we guarantee top-notch care and customer service as well as the health of all of our animals.  Because we have a real biologist on staff, we provide our reptiles and our customers with the best possible care and advice for your new baby tortoise. 100% of all reptiles for sale from the turtle store will come with our full live arrival and a 7-day health guarantee! 

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Large tortoise for sale

Larger species of tortoise include tortoises that reach a size of 14-48″ in total shell length once mature.  The most common larger tortoises are the African Sulcata and leopard tortoise, but naturally occurring in Africa.  The Sulcata has a few “morphs” in terms of color, including albino and ivory. The leopard tortoise has a few variations as well, based on where the sub-species originates from in Africa.  East African leopard tortoises are the more comm0n, higher-domed, smaller in size leopards reaching lengths of 14-16″.

Whereas the Giant leopard tortoise from South African, Pardalis Pardalis, grow up to 24″.  The largest species of tortoise in the world are going to be the Galapagos tortoise and the Giant Aldabra tortoise.  Larger tortoise depending on how rare they are, are typically cheaper than smaller tortoises.  Lastly, the larger species have a larger quantity of eggs, hence the sometimes cheaper prices.  Small tortoise species are typically going to be more expensive.

Medium tortoises for sale 

   Testudo family tortoises that are medium size include both the Ibera and Golden Greek tortoise for sale, as well as the elongated. Leopard tortoises will appear in both medium and large as they are right in between, growing 11-16″.  Giant leopard tortoise can reach 18-24″ and should be considered large. 

Turtle store has a large variety of captive-bred baby tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Some medium-sized tortoises include the popular and colorful red-footed tortoise, yellow foot tortoise and cherry head.  In addition, there are both the Sri Lankan and Burmese star tortoises.  

Small tortoises for sale

Smaller tortoise breeds range in size at full adulthood between 4 and 8 inches of length.  Testudo family tortoises make up quite a bit of the more popular species of pet tortoises across the globe.  These small or tiny tortoises for sale range all over Europe and even over to Kenya when it comes to the Egyptian. 

If you’re looking for a tiny tortoise or small tortoises for sale, typically, you will be shopping within the “Testudo tortoise” family.  Baby tortoises are hand raised at turtle store to ensure they’re friendly, outgoing, and curious for human interaction. Our small tortoise grouping includes the smallest species captive bred tortoise in the USA, the Egyptian.  Small tortoise for sale, or tiny tortoise species include:

tortoise hatchlings for sale

The turtle store has a spectacular selection of captive bred tortoises for sale.  Also, if you are looking to buy captive bred, hand raised adults, juvenile or baby tortoise?  You have come to the right place because the turtle store the largest selection of healthy captive bred tortoises in stock in the USA!  After all, we’ve got decades of combined reptile experience and as a result, offer the best customer care advice free of charge.  Therefore time, experience, and a lot of hard work have combined to help us become one of the best tortoise breeders in the country.   Our tortoise farm guarantees you a healthy, bright-eyed tortoise, every time you purchase from TT!

100% of baby tortoise hatchlings for sale from our tortoise farm come with our full health guarantee!

Our team of customer support members are all reptile enthusiasts just like you, and are happy to help!  With decades of combined tortoise breeding, our tortoise farm staff are here to answer any care related questions you may have, for the entire life of your tortoise! Additionally, free tortoise care guides are provided for any of our 24+ species of captive-bred tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Above all, at our tortoise farm, our goal is to provide top-notch care and nutrition as well as to answer any questions our customers may have. the turtle store gladly provides support and will happily answer questions regarding care.  Our sister store also offers some amazing baby tortoise for sale.

Captive bred baby tortoises only – 100% guaranteed!

Here at the Turtle store, we realize what special animals tortoises really are.  Once set up correctly a pet tortoise can provide years of relaxing interaction with a beautiful creature.  Baby tortoises are also very valuable to educational facilities where they can be cared for while teaching science and conservation. Whether hatching or adult, all of our tortoises are captive bred. While this includes also adult tortoises as well as tortoise hatchlings for sale.  Finally searching where to buy a tortoise?  For that reason try to find which species or tortoise breeds are right for you.  Shop by tortoise size here. Your new tortoise(s) will arrive via UPS or FedEx overnight shipped in heated, insulated shipping containers.

baby turtles for sale

If you are searching for baby turtles for sale, instead of a new baby tortoise, including we’ve got ya covered! Some of the aquatic turtle for sale here at Turtle Store includes:

In addition to common water turtle species like slider turtles and pond turtles for sale, we also offer box turtles for sale.  Also, turtle store offers eastern box turtles for sale, as well as the rare species like the Chinese box turtle.

The largest selection of captive bred turtles & tortoises is here at Turtle Store!

If you are searching for baby turtle for sale instead of a new baby tortoise, including freshwater turtles or sale, or any type of we’ve got ya covered! In addition to common water turtle species like slider turtles and pond turtles for sale, we also offer box turtles for sale.  Also, turtle store offers eastern box turtles for sale, as well as the rare species like the Chinese box turtle.

Large to Giant tortoises get anywhere from 18-48″ (yes Aldabras!) and are available from turtle store include: (Sulcata tortoise are available in Ivory as well as Albino), (leopard tortoise available in  Pardalis Pardalis as well as Pardalis Babcocki),  giant leopard tortoise, as well as Burmese brown mountain tortoise.

baby tortoise for sale

Mountain tortoise for sale Hermanns tortoise for sale
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