Western Hermann’s Tortoise Habitat

Western Hermann’s tortoise habitat

A baby Hermanns tortoise can exist in something as small as a 24×12″ sweater box.  Keeping humidity high is key, so these work.  Using a fish tank is not recommended but also can work if set up properly.  You will want to cover the sides so that the tort cannot see out, as that will cause he or she to become anxious and constantly try to escape via the clear see-thru side(s).  We like to use the 24″x15″x48″long PVC style single glass front reptile cages available at reptile basics.  For UVB fitting them out with a 36″ T5 10.0 fixture is easy.

Western Hermann’s Tortoise Care

Hermann’s tortoises for sale are some of the most popular species of captive-bred tortoises.  Small, friendly, and quite fun, these small to medium-sized tortoises can make great additions to your reptile collection.  Eastern Hermann’s tortoises, like most Testudo family tortoises, originate in Europe.  There are 2 main subspecies of Hermann’s tortoise.  Western Hermann’s tortoise is the smaller of the 2.

Caring for an Western Hermann tortoise is reasonably easy, so long as you invest the time to learn.  Russians are fairly small tortoises and therefore only require a small habitat, at full maturity of say 2×4′, though larger is always better.  Multiple female Russian tortoises may be housed together in groups of up to 6, but size should be 4 cubic feet larger per female.  Using a tortoise table, or tortoise house kit will work, just pay close attention to temperature and humidity.  A baby tortoise, in general, will need higher humidity as the main variable for success.

Western Hermann’s tortoises are easy to care for!

Hermann’s tortoises are easy to care for and make great additions to any reptile family.  If you are considering purchasing a baby Hermann’s tortoise for sale online from the Turtle store, we recommend the well started babies.  Eastern Hermann’s tortoise hatchlings are a bit more difficult to care for.  Things like temperature and humidity must be much more “exact or spot on” with hatchings.  Whereas, with well-started babies, you have a greater degree of variance that will be acceptable or suitable for them.

We have some beautiful baby Western Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni hermanni) Tortoises for sale. These little hatchlings are super active, vibrantly colored baby tortoises. Aprox 2.25-2.5″ in size. Our Western Hermann’s tortoises are from the Tuscany region of Italy, and therefore called “Tuscan Locale”. The Tuscan locale has the most vibrant neon yellow/green over deep black contrast, making them our favorite pet tortoises for sale.

Our biologist has compiled a fantastic western hermann’s tortoise care guide.  Please be sure to view all aspects of western hermann’s tortoise care at the pages below:

Western Hermann’s Tortoise Lifespan

Western Hermann’s are a generally hardy species with a high life expectancy. Before you make your purchase of an eastern Hermann’s tortoise for sale, it is important to consider that they live for 50-100 years!

Western Hermann’s tortoise Size vs Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise Size

Typically, Eastern Hermann’s tortoises are going to be noticeably larger than their western cousins.  An Eastern Hermann’s will grow 6-9″ with a few females reaching as much as 10″ in length.  Western Hermann’s tortoise males will reach 4-6″ and females 6-8″ in overall length.

Hermann’s tortoise water

Giving your baby Hermanns access to water is preferred, and soaking daily is required.  Soak your baby tortoise in a shallow soaking dish with opaque sides so the tortoise cannot see out.  Soak for 10 minutes in 85-88 degree warm water once daily.  Typically soaking your tortoise and then placing them directly atop their pile of greens and Mazuri is best each morning.  Establishing a daily routine when possible will benefit your tortoise a great deal.

Western Hermann’s tortoise diet

Variety is key when talking about what to feed your new Hermann’s tortoise.  It isn’t really about one thing, it is about feeding a wide variety of high-quality greens and veggies.  By feeding a variety you will ensure not to “overdose” your tortoise on certain things.  For example, spinach is bad.  If you feed spring mix that contains spinach as one of 15 ingredients, it will not be too much where you need to worry about spinach.  If all that you ever feed is spring mix, then you have a problem.  Turtle store uses a mixture we chop daily of Romaine, Kale, Dandelion, Spring Mix, Endive, Collard, Mustard, and Beet Greens.  In addition, we soak our mazuri tortoise chow in water mixed with a 50:50 ratio of calcium with D3 AND Vionate (a multi-vitamin and mineral powder).

Western Hermann’s tortoise Appearance

Hermann’s are known for being more colorful of the 2 species of Hermann’s tortoise and stay much smaller, only growing 5″-8″ at full maturity making them absolutely fantastic pet tortoises. The Hermann’s tortoise care sheet will provide you a great amount of data regarding the ease of caring for these great tortoises. Eastern Hermann’s tortoises make great family members and get along well with other tortoises and most respectful other pets.

The Westerns are more money, as they have lower egg counts, as they are smaller animals.  Our baby Eastern Hermann’s tortoises are quite vibrant and yellow.

Western Hermann’s Tortoise Breeder

When purchasing an Eastern Hermann’s baby tortoise it is imperative that you buy from an experienced tortoise breeder and keeper. Our Eastern Hermann’s Tortoises are top notch and ready to ship to you via FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled insulated shipping containers and come with our live arrival and full 7-day health guarantee. One shipping charge covers up to 3 tortoises.

As with all of our baby tortoises for sale, adult tortoise for sale and turtles for sale online, our Eastern Hermann’s tortoise are guaranteed to arrive alive, well and healthy! All reptiles for sale available at the Turtle store come with a full health guarantee.  With a REAL biologist on-site you are gonna say this is my turtle store of choice, and mean it!

More than just baby Western Hermann’s Tortoises for sale

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