Burmese Mountain tortoise for sale

Burmese Mountain tortoise for sale

The Burmese black mountain tortoise (Manouria emys) is one of two existing species within the Manouria genus, the other being the impressed tortoise, M. impressa. Also, the mountain tortoise can go by a few other names: Asian brown tortoise, Asian forest tortoise, Burmese mountain tortoise, Burmese black tortoise, Burmese brown tortoise.  There are 2 subspecies both the Brown mountain tortoise for saleand the Burmese Black mountain tortoise for sale.

Burmese Brown mountain tortoise or Burmese Black Mountain tortoise

As a rule of thumb, the southernmost subspecies within their geographic range is the brown mountain tortoise. It is the smaller of the two subspecies.  Browns are just a tad smaller as well, and generally lighter in color.  For this reason, they are commonly referred to as the “Burmese brown”. Larger and darker Burmese black mountain tortoises, M. e. phayrei occupies the northernmost portion of the geographic range.

Physical traits separate the Brown from Black mountain tortoise for sale

Generally speaking, there are actually two ways to tell the two subspecies apart. First, when examining adults, is look at the plastron coloration.  M. e. emys (the Brown mountain tortoisehas a plastron with yellow coloration compared to the darker coloration of the Burmese black tortoise.  Secondly, also happens to be the most accurate way to tell them apart is the scute patterns.  While the Burmese Brown Mountain tortoise has separated pectoral scutes, while those of Burmese Black mountain tortoise join together at the medial section of the plastron.  These interesting scute pattern can be used to identify the subspecies of mountain tortoise at basically any age.

Burmese mountain tortoise natural habitat

In the wild, the Burmese black mountain tortoises are found in Myanmar.  Also, they are found in Malaysia, Thailand, and Sumatra. Burmese Blacks or Asian forest tortoise for saleare a subspecies are the fourth largest tortoises in the world.  Burmese Mountain tortoise hatchlings are no larger than a baseball in diameter and are much less dome-shaped than typical hatchling tortoises.

Adults Mountain tortoises in wild populations average about 70 pounds.  Lastly, captive bred mountain tortoises can reach 100 pounds in total mass with a total length of over 24 inches!

Burmese Mountain tortoise care

Generally, Burmese mountain tortoises are easy to take care of as long as their required environmental conditions are met. Hatchling mountain tortoises and juveniles can be kept indoors.  Quite honestly, this is often preferred so keepers have more control over the environment. A baby Burmese Mountain tortoise for sale can be kept in 20- to 40-gallon aquariums indoors.   Keep in mind that as they grow they will eventually need to be moved to a large pen, indoors or outdoors. Typically one fully grown mountain tortoise will need an area of 4×8′ once fully mature.

 Burmese Black tortoise UVB

Ultraviolet light with a UVB percentage of 5.0 or 5% is recommended for your Burmese mountain tortoise habitat. A basking lamp can be set up on one end creating a temperature gradient with a hot spot of around 85-89  degrees.  Be sure to keep the cooler side between 69-75 degrees so your tortoise is able to thermoregulate properly. UVB Lights can be set on a timer to mimic daylight and nighttime hours.  Usually, we set up 11 hours daylight here at the turtle store.  The overall goal should be to mimic or recreate the natural light cycles of your area.  We do not recommend using heat pads to provide heat when lights are not in use but rather heat panels from above.

Burmese mountain tortoise humidity

Indoor Burmese mountain tortoise habitats should have humidity that averages just about 80-percent. Regular misting of the habitat or enclosure is usually sufficient to achieve this.  Larger habitats may require an automated sprayer or misting system. A very shallow water dish can be provided, which will help keep both the tortoise hydrated as well as increase the ambient humidity. When choosing any baby tortoise for sale, or multiple tortoise for sale online, choose the right tortoise farm!

Burmese mountain tortoise for sale

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