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Giant leopard tortoises

The Giant leopard tortoise for sale from South African get quite large.  The average for a giant is 16-18″ and 35-50 lbs.  South African leopards also have a flatter, less domed shaped shell.  Distinguishing marks include double “dots or spots” on the vertebral scutes.  Also, giants will have more mustard colored skin, that is speckled with black dots.

Giant leopard tortoises are also known as Pardalis Pardalis, or Pardalis Pardalis for sale.  The giants will be a bit more money as they are much rarer when compared to Pardalis Babcocki.  Pardalis Babcocki, is the more common, east African leopard tortoise, which you sell sold more frequently, at cheaper prices.  It’s imperative that you purchase your new baby leopard tortoise from the right tortoise farm or leopard tortoise breeder.

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Leopard tortoises & Giant South African leopard tortoise

leopard tortoise hatchling

The leopard tortoise (paradalis babcocki) is the fourth largest tortoise in the world! You can find a normal adult reaching 10-16 inches and weighing 15-45 pounds! Larger examples include the giant South African Leopard Tortoise for sale (Paradalis Paradlis) can grow up to 28 inches long and weigh 80 – 100 pounds! We have a great selection of Giant Leopard Tortoise, and baby leopard east African leopard tortoises.  Be sure to head on over to our care section and spend some time learning about the leopard tort.  Setting up the correct leopard tortoise habitat is key to raising baby leopard tortoises into thriving adults.

Most of all, every single baby tortoise, as well as all juvenile and adult tortoise for sale at the turtle store, are 100% captive bred!


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