baby panther chameleons

baby panther chameleon

Looking for baby panther chameleon for sale?  Here at Turtle Store, we offer a full selection of captive bred panther chameleon for sale including the most popular locales!  Shop a full selection of Panthers including Ambilobe Panther Chameleon, Nosy Be, Ambanja and more.

Choosing the right baby panther chameleon

Deciding on what type of panther chameleon is right for you?  First consider the size, and the size of the habitat.  Are you going to be purchasing multiple panther chameleon cages throughout your baby chameleons lifetime?  Or do you want to get one single setup to last you the life of the cham?  Second choose male or female.

Why? Because the males get much larger than the females and therefore require a different type of chameleon habitat for sale.  Lastly, consider your price range.  Keeping in mind that male panthers cost more than female panther chameleon for sale.  Also, think about the colors you prefer, because again they affect the price point.

baby Panther Chameleon for sale

Colors of your new baby panther chameleon will be based on where it is from (the locale) as well as the sex (male or female panther chameleon).  Your new baby chameleon will be either colorful, or quite plain looking based on the sex and the size.

Many locales of panther chameleons for sale online

There are so many locales of panther chams and all of them are absolutely gorgeous.  Some of the most popular are offered here as well as some of the rarest.  We proudly work with over 8 locales of baby to adult panther chams and consider ourselves to be some of the best panther chameleon breeders in the USA.

Ambilobe baby panther Chameleon

Ambilobe panther chameleon is the most popular of all panthers.  These guys and gales get the largest of all panther chameleon locales also known by some as panther chameleon colors.  Like all species of panther chams, the Ambilobe males live longer than the females, and are also more colorful.  Keep in mind there are some gorgeous, calm, and ready to handle females as well.  Depending on the particular chameleon of course, females can make great pet chameleon options as much as males.

Since males are more colorful and get larger and live a bit longer, they are typically in higher demand. For this reason, they are more expensive that purchasing a female baby panther chameleon for sale.

baby panther chameleon panther chameleon for sale

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