Skinks for sale

Turtle Store has a great selection of captive bred skinks for sale! We’ve got some beautiful blue tongued skinks for sale as well as Monkey Tailed skink and Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks.

Skinks for sale near me

There are 3-4 main species of skinks for sale near me.  First, decide what type of captive bred baby skink for sale you’re interested in owning.  The most popular is the blue tongue skink for sale, and they are mostly known because of their blue tongues.  Gaining popularity, the super cool dinosaur or even dragon looking crocodile skinks are next in line.  Red Eyed Crocodile skinks are some of the coolest looking of any reptiles for sale.  Owning a red eye crocodile skink can be fun and rewarding especially if you have a nice setup.

Baby skink for sale

Most of our species of captive bred baby skink for sale are offered in both baby, juvenile and young adult sizes.  Our baby crocodile skink as well as our baby blue tongue skink are our most popular sellers.  Monkey tailed skink babies are also gaining steam as popular pet skinks.  However, monkey tailed skink are the most expensive of all species of pet skink.  This is because of the long duration of pregnancy as well as the low number of babies born.  Owning any type of pet skink is super cool and the setups can really be amazing looking.