Painted turtles for sale

painted turtles for sale online

Painted turtles for sale online

So you’re searching for a new captive bred painted turtle for sale?  Good news! The turtle store has the best selection of captive bred painted turtles for sale in the world.

Painted turtles make up one of the most popular families of water turtles in the world.  The painted turtle lives in North America with some stretching all the way down to South America.  Also known as “painter turtles” these are colorful small sized water turtles for sale.

Painted turtles are a freshwater species that spends most of their time in the water.  Aquatic turtles for sale similar to the painted turtle include slider turtles for sale, mud turtles, and musk turtles.

Painted turtle habitats and enclosures

The larger the enclosure for juveniles and adults the better!  Painted turtles are fun to watch swim, bask, and explore their tanks or habitats.   Young turtles for sale can be kept in 10 to 20 gallon  aquariums.  Eventually, these guys will need something in the size of a 40-55 gallon aquarium as they mature and grow.

Choosing the right size painted turtle tank

When choosing the size of your painted turtle habitat, or painted turtle tank, think about the long term.  If you do not mind redoing your tank a couple of times, starting with 10-20 gallons is fine.  However, rest assured you will be upgrading to a larger 40-55 gallon long before 2-3 years has past.  Juveniles can be kept with males and females together, but beyond that, you may want to consider only purchasing female painted turtles for sale if you are wanting more than one painted turtle.

Adult painted turtles require 55 gallons for 1-2 minimum and appreciate every extra gallon you can provide.  Keep in mind that the larger the water volume, the easier the filtration will be and the more stable your “system” will be.

Painted turtle temperatures

Typically, the water temperature should be maintained between 72 to 82 degrees depending on if it is a Southern painted turtle, Western or Northern.  Using a thermometer in the water is highly recommended.  A basking area should be provided in a dry dock location, that is kept in the 90 degree range.  Set your water thermometer at the location furthest away from the basking area or heat lamp.

A heater should be used to maintain water temperatures.  Various brands work but basically shop by the size of your tank.  A general room of thumb is a 75 to 100 watt heat works for 40 gallon tank, a 55 watt heater for a 55 gallon tank, and a 200 watt heater for a 100 gallon aquarium.  Basically you want a 2 to 1 ratio when sizing heaters.  Shopping by the label on the package is best as some heaters may be more efficient than others.

Painted turtle for sale – tank substrate

With Painted turtles for sale, some people prefer not to use any substrate at all, and have a bare bottom tank.  Substrate certainly looks nicer, and can also be a help at biological filtration.  When using substrate, it is recommended that large gravel is used to prevent it from becoming a source of nitrates.  Under gravel filtration is strongly recommended.  Weekly small water changes by agitating and siphoning off debris should also be performed.  Typically, an under gravel filter is helpful but not enough.  You will need to also provide some type of additional filter option.  Addition main filter options are canisters, or hang on, some even use wet dry with sumps.

Painted turtle for sale online – painted turtle habitat Cleaning Schedule

Every 2-4 weeks the rocks should be removed from the tank and scrubbed well with a toothbrush designated for the job and bleach diluted 1:20 with water.

Painted turtles for sale – water quality

The water quality for a baby painted turtle for sale is important!  These are fresh water turtles who enjoy swimming so the chlorine free water depth should be equal to the total length of the carapace multiplied twice.  If the turtle is 9 inches long then the water needs to be 18 inches deep.  Change a third of the water once a week to keep the water clean.

The basking light should be over a flat stone such as slate or log.  Basking sites should be between 90 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit and easily accessible to the chelonian.  Metal clamp lamps work well for these sites.  The ambient temperature of the tank can be increased with under tank heaters and/or the basking lamp also.  During the night, under tank heaters or ceramic heat emitters can be used to increase the ambient temperature as it will offer no light.

Painted turtle habitat filtration

Canister filters are recommended for all water turtles as they offer mechanical and biological filtration.  Canister filters are generally less stressful to aquatics as there is no mechanical vibration on the tank from the filter body itself.  Fluval, Magnum, and Eheim make excellent filters and there are a few websites that illustrate how to create your own canister filter.  External filtration helps to remove uneaten food and large waste particles as well as agitate surfaces and increase water oxygenation.

As with most reptiles, Painted turtles do well on a light cycle that simulates 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.  A high quality UVB bulb such as a 5.0 ReptiSun bulb is recommended for adults and a 10.0 ReptiSun bulb is recommended for hatchlings and young turtles.  These bulbs help the body convert vitamin D3 into calcium and helps prevent the disfiguring and deadly metabolic bone disease which is generally caused by a lack of available calcium in the reptiles’ body causing the body to absorb calcium from the bones.

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