Snapping turtles for sale

Snapping turtles for sale

Looking for a captive bred baby common snapper or maybe a pink belly snapping turtle? The turtle store has some of the nicest baby pink bellied snapping turtles for sale anywhere in the USA!  Order up to 4 baby snapping turtles for sale and only pay one shipping fee!

snapping turtles for sale

Captive bred baby snapping turtles for sale really aren’t as scary as they look. If you get one as a baby you have a very good chance of it being friendly as it matures. Once the pet pink belly snapping turtle is familiar with you, it is actually a very nice semi-friendly turtle. With their dinosaur-like appearance, they are definitely a prehistoric looking reptile.  Also, consider the pink belly snapping turtle.  Pink belly snapper turtle for sale is also a popular freshwater turtle for sale.

Fresh, or Brackish water is where you’ll find wild baby and adult snapping turtles

Baby Snapping Turtle for sale

Common snapping turtles are a common inhabitant of freshwater or brackish, shallow slower moving waterways or rivers.  Snappers, as they are often referred can also be found at deeper areas within lakes, rivers, and streams.  Captive bred baby snapping turtles for sale are found throughout North America.  In pink belly snapping turtlesthe wild, you can locate snapping turtles throughout a wide range of both US and in southern Canada.  Snappers can even be found as far south thru Mexico and South America!  Baby snapping turtles can be raised in fresh or brackish aquariums and do get used to human interaction.  When looking for a snapping turtle for sale, be sure it is a captive bred snapping turtle, ONLY.

Snapping turtle diet

Feeding a snapper turtle is fairly easy.  We recommend using baby turtle pellets to get started and than as they get older offering a larger variety of high quality commercial aquatic turlte diets.

 Snapping turtle UVB Lighting

As with most reptiles, pink belly snapping turtles for sale do well on a light cycle is similar to outdoors, so 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of dark works well.  Be sure to invest in a timer so that your new turtle has a regular day and night cycles.  Paying close attention to having a consistent day-night cycle is important so please don’t ignore it!  A high-quality UVB bulb such as a 5.0 ReptiSun bulb is recommended for adults and a 10.0 ReptiSun bulb is recommended for hatchlings and young turtles.  Pink belly snappers are not the same as the pink bellied side necked turtle.  The pink belly side-neck turtle is not related at all.

Snapping turtle – water temperature

The water temperature of the turtle tank or aquarium can be raised using underwater heaters or under tank heaters.  Be sure to keep your heater on a thermostat to keep the water at 76-79°F. Snapper turtle hatchlings should be kept around 78-80° F

pink belly snapping turtle

Snapper turtle for sale – Air Temperature

Within your snapper turtle tank or habitat, keep the ambient (air) temperature between 82 and 87° F with the basking spot somewhere in the neighborhood of 90° F.   Utilizing a reptile thermometer and reptile thermostat is recommended.

There are subspecies of snapping turtles

Within the snapping turtle family, we can find four total subspecies including the pink belly.  Snappers are extremely hardy water turtles for saleand the northern inhabitants are extremely cold tolerant having been seen still active under iced over creeks.  Interestingly, though they are known throughout the world for their amazing jaw strength and aggressive nature, the snapping turtle is very timid and calm when in the water and only seems to be defensive on dry land.  Although considered an aquatic turtle for sale, snappers do spend some time on dry dock, or dry land, often to bask.

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