Ibera Greek Tortoise Feeding

Ibera Greek Tortoise Feeding

Variety is key when talking about what to feed your new Ibera Greek tortoise.  It isn’t really about one thing, it is about feeding a wide variety of high-quality greens and veggies.  By feeding a variety you will ensure not to “overdose” your tortoise on certain things.  For example, spinach is bad.  If you feed spring mix that contains spinach as one of 15 ingredients, it will not be too much where you need to worry about spinach.  If all that you ever feed is spring mix, then you have a problem.  Turtle store uses a mixture we chop daily of Romaine, Kale, Dandelion, Spring Mix, Endive, Collard, Mustard, and Beet Greens.  In addition, we soak our mazuri tortoise chow in water mixed with a 50:50 ratio of calcium with D3 AND Vionate (a multi-vitamin and mineral powder).

Greek tortoise care

Caring for an Ibera Greek tortoise is moderate a task, so long as you invest the time to learn.  Greeks are fairly small tortoises and therefore only require a small habitat, at full maturity of say 3×5′, though larger is always better.  Multiple female Greek tortoises may be housed together in groups of up to 6, but size should be 4.5 cubic feet larger per female.  Using a tortoise table, or tortoise house kit will work, just pay close attention to temperature and humidity.  A baby tortoise, in general, will need higher humidity as the main variable for success.

Our biologist has compiled a fantastic ibera greek tortoise care guide.  Please be sure to view all aspects of ibera greek tortoise care at the pages below:

Ibera Greek tortoise care

  • Ibera Greek Tortoise Humidity

  • Humidity is important with all baby tortoise species, including the Testudo tortoise family.  Baby Greek tortoises require humidity in the area of 75%.  When kept indoors, the habitats tend to be on the dryer side and therefore will require some work to increase the humidity where need be.  Using a lid, or some type of closed system will help tremendously.
  • Here at the Turtle store, we raise all of our baby Testudo family torts (Russians, Greeks, Egyptians, Marginated, etc) in closed systems with high humidity and LOW air movement.  From years of breeding Golden Greek tortoise, and the Ibera Greek tortoise, we now have mastered the art of raising these beautiful Ibera Greek tortoise hatchlings as well as the baby Golden Greek tortoise
  • Ibera Greek Tortoise Temperature

    Young Greek tortoises should be kept with an ambient temperature of 86 degrees.  A cold spot of 80 is fine and a warm spot of 95 is also nice, however, the ambient temp remains the most important.  Here at Turtle store, our main concern is the ambient temp and not getting too cold.  We focus more on this than the temperature gradient that is so widely talked about.  Finding that the tortoises’ theme to thrive with a median temperature of 86, we now maintain this throughout our daytime enclosure temperatures.  Evening temps are allowed to drop into the high 70s, however with very slow moving, humid air, it seems a tad warmer and “muggier” for the tortoises.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise Water

    Giving your baby Greeks access to water is preferred, and soaking daily is required.  Soak your baby tortoise in a shallow soaking dish with opaque sides so the tortoise cannot see out.  Soak for 10 minutes in 85-88 degree warm water once daily.  Typically soaking your tortoise and then placing them directly atop their pile of greens and Mazuri is best each morning.  Establishing a daily routine when possible will benefit your tortoise a great deal.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise UVB lighting

    UVB light exposure is extremely important for all tortoises, including baby Ibera Greek tortoises.  We recommend a Reptisun UVB 10.0 lamp, T5 (tube style).  Screw in lamps like the cheap spirals are not recommended and really do not have much of a radius of coverage.   Think about the tortoise being outside, getting constant UVB and UVA from every angle.  Now, think about the exposure they will get in their habitat inside or outside your home, and try to make them similar.  Not easy, is it?  Using a T5 high output lamp will give you the best scenario.  Using the 10% lamp is good, however for distances 15-24″ above the tortoise, a 12% lamp is recommended.  Arcadia UVB lamps are the best in our opinion, though a tad more pricey, they also last twice as long.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise Habitat

    Baby Greeks can exist in something as small as a 24×12″ sweater box.  Keeping humidity high is key, so these work.  Using a fish tank is not recommended but also can work if set up properly.  You will want to cover the sides so that the tort cannot see out, as that will cause he or she to become anxious and constantly try to escape via the clear see-thru side(s).  We like to use the 24″x15″x48″long PVC style single glass front reptile cages available at reptilebasics.  For UVB fitting them out with a 36″ T5 10.0 fixture is easy.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise Substrate

    For substrate, we recommend a nice mixture of 50:50 potting soil and potting mix (organic).  Be sure there are no additives or fertilizers included as that could kill your tort.  Baby Greek tortoises do burrow so providing 4″ of substrate is recommended and spraying it down with a pressure sprayer daily is great.  Spraying the soil and your tort(s) in the morning to simulate a morning dew so to speak works create.  One added but important benefit of doing this is creating a super humid microclimate for your tortoise should they choose to burrow.  It is in these microclimates in which baby tortoise exists in the wild.  Remember not to call the Greek tort a Greek turtle or greek turtle for sale, it’s a tortoise!

    Ibera Greek Tortoise Lifespan

    The average life expectancy of an Ibera Greek tortoise is 125. Some have reportedly lived to be up to 200 years old! For this reason, it is important to consider this factor when purchasing your ibera greek tortoise for sale.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise Appearance

    Our Ibera greek breeder group produces some of the most beautiful  Ibera Greek tortoises in the country.  These Ibera greek tortoises have vibrant golden/yellow color on their heads, bodies, and shells.  We only select top quality captive Ibera greek tortoises focusing on healthy active tortoises with vivid color and markings.

  • Ibera Greek Tortoise Size

    At hatching, Ibera Greeks are only about one inch in length. Female ibera greeks are usually bigger than their male counterparts. When full-grown, Ibera greek usually reach 10-11 inches in length.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise Breeder

    Turtle store offers Greek tortoise hatchlings for sale, as well as well started baby Ibera Greek tortoises.  Looking for a larger Greek tortoise for sale? We also offer yearlings and juvenile tortoises for sale online.  Our breed stock of adult Ibera Greek tortoises for sale is composed of some of the nicest Ibera Greek tortoises in the world.  Our biologist has put together one of the nicest IberaGolden Greek tortoise breeding groups in the world.  Because of this, we are able to offer some of the nicest baby Ibera Greek tortoises for sale online anywhere.  Captive bred baby tortoises for sale should be the only that you choose when shopping for the right tortoise breeders.

    Ibera Greek Tortoise for sale

    Turtle store has the best Ibera Greek Tortoise For Sale online.  Our Ibera greek breeder group produces some of the most beautiful  Ibera Greek tortoises in the country.  These Ibera greek tortoises have vibrant golden/yellow color on their heads, bodies, and shells.  We only select top quality captive Ibera greek tortoises focusing on healthy active tortoises with vivid color and markings.

    Ibera Greek tortoises are fantastic animals with great outgoing personalities and beautiful colors and markings.  They will eventually eat out of the owner’s hand and learn fast to come when they see you.  Our baby Ibera Greek tortoises for sale are top notch and ready to ship to you via UPS or FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled insulated shipping containers and come with our live arrival and full 7 day health guarantee.  One shipping charge covers up to 4 greek tortoises for sale.  If you are looking for more information on greek tortoise care, visit our greek tortoise care sheet.

More than just baby Ibera Greek Tortoises for sale

The turtle store is your source for the largest selection of captive bred baby tortoise for sale and adult tortoise for sale.  All of our captive bred baby tortoises come with our full live arrival and health guarantee.  Here at the turtle store, we work with over 25 species of turtles for sale including baby turtles for sale and captive bred tortoises.  The turtle store guarantees you the largest selection of healthy, captive bred turtles and tortoise for sale anywhere in the USA.

ibera greek tortoise feeding

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