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Pancake Tortoise for sale

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African Pancake Tortoises are some of the coolest tortoises for sale in the world!  Did you know that pancake tortoises are naturally found in Tanzania and Kenya?  Pancakes are not only cool, they’re stunning.  Both rare and beautiful, the African pancake tortoise for sale has vivid yellow, and orange colors speckled over a tan and brown shell and carapace.  Wondering where the name pancake tortoise came from? Interestingly, a Pancake tortoise is the “flattest” of all tortoises.  Pancakes stay small and are reasonably easy to care for once their habitat is set up.  Captive bred baby pancake tortoise for sale are some of the coolest species of pet tortoise for sale in the world.

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More about the pancake tortoise:   African Pancake Tortoise is a small, flat tortoise with a flexible shell. Pancake tortoises shells have openings between these bony plates, making it much lighter and not as rigid as in other tortoises, by design.  Pancake tortoises have a flexible bridge (that is used for connecting the plastron and carapace together).   Because of this, it allows the pancake to be flattened slightly.  Because of this feature, it helps enables the pancake tortoise to seek shelter in very small areas.  Normally you will find a pancake hiding in rock crevices. Individuals are brown, with radiating yellow markings on the shell.

The lighter, flexible shell does not provide as much protection as a typical tortoise shell, so they spend much of their time among rocks and in crevices for protection.  Be sure that you buy your pancake tortoise for sale from a reputable pancake tortoise breeder.  Looking for another tortoise for sale?  We have a full selection of captive bred tortoise for sale online here!

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