Saltwater fish for sale

Saltwater fish for sale

saltwater fish for sale online

Looking for saltwater fish for sale?  Our sister store, saltwater fish store offers some of the nicest marine fish for sale anywhere.

Buy saltwater fish for sale online

Depending on what species of saltwater fish for sale online you are considering, Salt Water fish shop, our sister website can handle it! Below some of the specimens currently available to ship overnight to your door can be purchased at our online fish store.

If you are considering purchasing Saltwater fish for sale online, be sure to stop on over to the online saltwater fish store and shop the best-priced Saltwater fish anywhere!  They offer everything from tangs for sale, to clownfish for sale!

Community Marine Fish

Community marine fish include the following all available at SWFS:

Gobies and Blennies

Be sure to check out all the amazing marine blenny for sale:

Angelfish for sale

Tangs for sale

Clownfish species for sale

Aggressive Marine Fish

Marine fish that are considered aggressive should only be housed with similar species of similar size and diet.  By housing an aggressive group of tank mates together, we can recreate an aggressive community tank where most of the time all of the inhabitants can get along.  While there still may be a “tiff” here or there, aggressive marine tanks that include triggers, puffers and eels are often some of the most breathtaking of all saltwater tank setups.

An example of a large aggressive tank, would be 180+ gallons including a variety of triggers, eels, usually 1 species of puffer, and even large tangs or angelfish.  Again size is key when introducing larger less aggressive fish like tang fish and saltwater angelfish.


Saltwater lionfish for sale are some of the most popular and amazing aggressive saltwater fish for sale in the world.  An easy to care for, and relaxed swimmer, zebra lionfish, dwarf lionfish and volation lionfish for sale represent a large number of the aggressive marine fish for sale in the marine aquarium fish hobby.



The Dwarf zebra lionfish or dwarf lionfish for sale is also known as zebra lionfish or dwarf lionfish. It has red ,white and black vertical stripes along the body;large,fan like pectoral fins and tall quill like dorsal fins.


They tend to inhabit shallow coastal waters and have an affinity for caves and rocky outcrops where they can ambush their prey, mainly consisting of small crustaceans and small fish.  Also known as the fuzzy lionfishdwarf fuzzy lionfish, or fuzzy lionfish for sale.

Pufferfish for sale

types of puffers for sale

Clean up crews

Hermit Crabs for sale and snails for sale make up the bulk of your clean-up crews.  Having a good crew to keep algae and waste in order is key to a successful marine fish tank.  Clean up crews are responsible for keeping everything clean and beautiful.  They also are an important part of breaking down waste and cycling the tank properly.  When searching for the best saltwater fish store online, or for the best place to buy saltwater fish online, check out SWFS!

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